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Hey there! This is Simone Arena. I’m a freelance illustrator and colorist, I’ve worked with different realities, I’ve colored comics, I’ve designed and colored sets for themed parks, I work as a sketch card artist and I work with various advertising agencies.
You can check my work at: Topps Company, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Upper Deck, Art & Project Srl, Ozlab Funfactory, Seven Spa, Coop Alliance, Oybo, International School Of Comics, Strange Kids Clubs, and other smaller studios.
I’m fascinated by 80’s and 90’s culture from toys to cartoons , and in my spare time I create stickers, posters and tributes influenced by the style of those years.
I like comedy/trash/horror movies (always from 80’s and 90’s) and I listen to skate punk.

For any info you can write me at